Wonder Woman!
All the spinning makes me dizzy. :)
Now if the room would stop!
To the rescue... where's my magic lasso?
Maybe it's hidden somewhere here....



Cold Cold Cold! It is cold. But this is me being me! Silly and having fun. On the way to a friends. I was going to try and show something more, but everybody was watching. You can still see my panties! :)


They say that looks can kill, don't they? Am I killing you? Am I? Am I? Do I have to stare even stronger???


Pink Panties
If I bend over just right you can see my panties and if you look closely you might get to see something else. Will you get to see more of me in this shoot? You will just have to see.



Bikini Top
I dont see why you should have to wear a bikini top, so I just take it off. When I go to the beach I hate to have to wear it, but some guys think tan lines are cute.



Bath tub
After going out to the mall with my friends the tub is the place I like to relax. But since I can't lay still for more than a minute I have to find something to play with. ;)


The itsy bitsy spider… remember that song? Hey, that's one naughty spider there! Where does she think she's going?


Here is another one of my stuffed animals that came over to play with me. He never says anything, but I know he likes looking at me. I wonder what he is thinking?



After my shower
Fresh and smelling like a daisy! Now it's time to get those toes all nice and clean! I have such nice little pinky toes, you know? And they're very ticklish! They look yummy yummy… I wonder how they taste?



More couches!
Couches are the coolest places to play in!!! You can jump up and down on them and have pillow fights with your bestest friends!!! And they’re so soft and cozy, you don’t have to wear much clothes around them!!!


Choices, choices… it’s hard to make up my mind. Nibbling my finger helps! They say I nibble like a little bunny… what do you think?


It's my bath time!
Another bath? Buuuu! Oh, well… boys don’t pay attention to smelly girls now, do they? So I guess I’m gonna use a lot of soap and scrub my little body real good. That way, all the boys will like me!



Checkered Dress
Wow, I’m Kristina Fey, little Scottish lady! And they dared say Scottish girls aren’t pretty? Well get a load of me! I’m an international girl of wonder! And no, my panties don’t match the dress…



Where's my Piano!?
Oh, my God! Where’s my piano! It’s so big, I couldn’t have misplaced it! Did I leave it under the bed? Maybe I left it at the movies? Somewhere in the closet? How can a girl lose a piano?


I love to play show and tell! Don’t you? You show me yours, I’ll show you mine… Just don’t go around telling everybody, okay?


Dressin up!
Don’t all girls love to play dressing up? I know I do! I can spend hours and hours trying on different outfits. You know what’s the best part? Between one outfit and the other one, when I’m left completely naked… ;)



I remember a story about a little drummer boy… I want to be a drummer girl! Drum away all nite long! Make a lot of noise and wake up the neighbors! Think you can keep my rhythm?



Golden Shorts
I’m the golden girl! Look at me! I am so the pop star! I could be on a video! I would dance around on my golden shorts and all the boys would love me and all the girls would wanna be like me!!!



What do you think, could I be a vampiress? All dressed up in black, see thru black panties. Bite! Fly off like a bat!
Cute huh? You should see my undies!


My favorite part of the body are my boobies. I like them because when I buy clothes, everything fits. What is your favorite body part? I also like tight pants to show my cute butt! :)

The girl with the big r ed ribbons on her head!!! Hey, waitaminute! That would be me!!! This way you'll be able to recognize me if we ever go on a blind date!!!

Pink Top
I love to play and be silly, if you havent figured that out yet :) One of the craziest things I ever have done is taking off my panties in class, just slipped them off.


There are so many ways to wear hair. Up, down, ponytails! I love looking in the mirror puttin my hair up one way then dressing up and standing in front of the mirror. Do you have a favorite hairstyle?


Black & White Top
Blue Jeans, tennis shoes, and top. Up on my desk everything comes off!! White panties stay down around my ankles with my socks. :)

Open up and say “Ahhhhhhh!!!” I love to tease the dentist with my tongue when I go for my checkup… his face turns all r ed and he looks so funny!!!


Do you believe in having a guardian angel? If I could be your guardian angel would you want me? :)
Just follow me and I can show you the way to heaven!



Kitchen Apron
Would you like to come on over to my tea party? I’ll put the water to boil and I will bake us a batch of cookies!!! We’ll have a lot of fun!!! I hope I don’t get too distracted, or those cookies might end up a little bit burned…!



I’m sooooo sleepy! Time to say nighty-nite and hide under the covers!!! I always take a warm glass of milk before I go to sleep, so I won’t have nightmares. Will you read me a bed time story?


Hold it, or I’ll shoot! Or will I eat my weapon? Or will I shoot? Is your gun made of chocolate too?


My Chair
My favorite chair! The one I love to sit, dress and undress on! I can play pretend I’m one of those showgirls like on the musical videos! Bright lights! Many flashes! The applause! … and my favorite chair!



Checkered Skirt
I’m starting to really enjoy this whole Scottish look! I’m a Scottish girl with a Scottish skirt! Can I join Scotland Yard? LOL! I think I would distract the rest of the cadets…



I hate homework! There’s just so much more fun things to do than bury your nose between books! I’d much rather be out, having fun with my friends! Better make the best of it…


A little lotion to keep the skin nice, soft and tender… silky to the touch, so delicate to smell… get the idea?


Dress up 2!
Let’s play fashion show! Let’s do the cat walk! I’ll pose for you in the latest, most outrageous outfits! You’ll take a lot of pictures and tell me how pretty I look! We’ll have a world of fun together!



I decided to find myself a new hobby to keep myself busy! Gardening! I can water the plants and keep them nice and fluffy! Make sure they get a lot of sun! Watering the plants naked is the best part!



Hangin' out
Hanging around the house with nothing to do and all my friends are away! I’m going to play! I’ll pretend I’m a pilot stranded in the desert! The sun is so hot, and I must remove all my clothes to avoid dehydration!


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