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Yeeeahh!, mud fight!, watch me and my friends play at some arena and get all dirty in the mud!, its really fun and a turn on!
Let's go play in the water! I'll take all my clothes off, so they don't get wet... it doesn't make you uncomfortable, now does it? You know, to see me like this... mmmmmmm?
There you go again! Looking up my skirt every time I bend over... no wonder you always leave eveything lying around the floor! And me just thinking you're a little messy!
Oooops, you can't see that! It's my little naughty girlie black thong! It's like a secret weapon! You catch a glimpse and something of yours gets very hard... see what I mean?
Do you think I'm a shy girl or not? You do kinda make me blush once in a while... specially when you're looking at my pics and doing naughty things... can I watch too?
Kristi don't like the bath! I'm like a little kitty pussy! Keep me off the water! Unless it's nice, and warm, and soapy... and you brush my back... can you do that for me?
I'm your own little guardian angel! I have my little angel wings, my angel robe and my angel panties! And they all come off! Want me to show you? Alright!
Look how i shave my pussy!, its a really funny process sometimes the razor makes me laugh when im near my clitoris!, watch me!
Lets play with my pipe! its really fun!
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